I love steam engines. This video recalls the North Norfolk Railway’s Steam Gala in 2014. Major improvements are currently underway at Sheringham Station to improve visitor facilities. Visit this major attraction when you are next in North Norfolk.


How to enjoy North Norfolk in spring 2016

Are you considering taking a short break in North Norfolk during 2016? If so, I offer you, completely FREE, your own North Norfolk information service. Visit the About page to learn about me and why I claim to be an authority on this part of “Nelson’s County”.

Special places…

We all like to peruse the glossy travel brochures but they don’t tell you about the very best Norfolk beaches, off-the-beaten-track picnic spots and other gems that the tourists seldom find.

I won’t waste time on negative reviews. I will direct you only to what is best, different and unusual in this unique part of Norfolk – what I think you will enjoy when taking a Norfolk holiday.

Burnham Overy Staithe to Sheringham, Cromer and North Norfolk’s Far East

A short distance on the road north from my birthplace of Holt brings you to what I believe is some of the finest coastline in all of England.

Stretching from Burnham Overy Staithe in the west, to my personal ‘turn the car around’ point of Horsey in the east, lies a diverse landscape of salt marshes butted up against shingled shorelines; reclaimed marsh that in the summer months is grazed by cattle and sheep; wide expanses of sandy beach, cliffs dotted pink with clumps of thrift and sand dunes spiked with marram grass.

There are also several nature reserves, harbour villages with pretty cottages constructed of red brick and the local flint, stately homes, extensive woodlands and bustling market towns.

Distinguished Norfolk council-tax payers

Norfolk has strong bonds with royalty. Her Majesty the Queen’s extensive Sandringham Estate, with its excellent visitor centre, is located near King’s Lynn.

Celebrities from the world of entertainment also seem to like us; several have houses in the Burnham Market area. Bill Bryson, the travel writer and passionate campaigner for the preservation of rural England (God bless him!) resides in an old Norfolk rectory and the distinguished actor, Sir John Hurt CBE, lives near Cromer.

What Norfolk does not have

  • We decided many years ago not to join the nation’s motorway network. The main entry route to Norfolk is the A11 that leads to the city of Norwich.
  • Heavy industry.
  • Urban sprawl.
  • Crime – not completely lacking of course but according to Home Office statistics Norfolk now has the lowest rate in England.

The way to discover what North Norfolk has to offer is to come here and explore. I would be very surprised if you do not return again and again. Cornwall: where’s that?

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